School-based language policy and the MOI arrangements

To nurture our students who are proficient in both Chinese and English is crucial to students’ personal development as well as the society as a whole. YLS is committed to providing students with an English-rich environment for effective language learning so as to increase their competency in using English and prepare for the future career. Our school-based language policy and curriculum offer our students not only a wider exposure to English inside and outside the classrooms, but also plentiful skills in language learning.

Our LAC (Language Across the Curriculum)

In addition to the regular English lessons, S3 and S4 students will be provided with extra lessons on Language Across the Curriculum (LAC) this year for maximizing students' opportunities on the use and exposure of English & Chinese in content subjects.

Language teachers and content subject teachers in different key learning areas work in close collaboration to facilitate the development of language skills in the four aspects of reading, listening, writing and speaking across different curriculums. Besides, it can also help boost students’ confidence in using English in their daily lives and facilitate the transition to the senior secondary education.

Enrichment of an English learning environment

Our school is always committed to maximizing students’ exposure to the use of authentic English on the school campus. In order to achieve this aim, an extra new native English speaking teacher (NET) will provide more opportunities to enable students to learn the English language with fun and joy. Inside the classroom context, the involvement of the NET in English and reading lessons through co-teaching with our local English or other subject teachers is an effective means of mobilizing student language learners to feel more confident in using English for interaction.

Outside the classroom context, the NET will co-organize a variety of English learning activities to arouse students’ interest in English learning.

Extended Learning Activities (ELA)

Extended Learning Activities (ELA) in English are already in play in our junior forms. With such solid background, our students will reap additional benefits of learning English in the subjects of Mathematics, Science, Computer Literacy, Geography and Life and Society. Furthermore, the added components of English learning are able to enrich the subject contents of the selected themes and modules in the above non-language subjects. Besides acquiring specific subject knowledge of these subjects, our students are able to immerse themselves in a richer English language learning environment for strengthening their language abilities.

What’s more, a wide range of English learning activities are organized to help students practice different language skills and make English learning more interesting in authentic situations.

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