There is a proverb saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We need our parents, teachers and the whole community to work together to help our students become a healthy, happy and confident person. We are concerned about the whole-person development of our students. Students should develop self-awareness and good interpersonal relationship so that they can care for themselves and their loved ones. 

We always work with other organizations to provide students with different learning experiences and establish positive values. Students are encouraged to participate in class activities, talks, group work, online activities, camping, services and leadership training activities. These are rewarding experiences for our students.

There will always be ups and downs in life. With proper attitude and mentality, we can all live a meaningful and joyful life. 

Group activities

.Student Mentor Programme
.Study Groups
.Peer Counsellor Programme
.Healthy School Programme
.Health Education
.Life and Death Education
.Life Skills Activities
.Decompression Activities
.Value Education
.Gratitude Day
.Social Services
.Summer Programme

Personal Growth Activities

.Counselling Services
.Referral Services
.Parent Education
.Professional Sharing

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