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Whole Person Education

The “Whole Person Education” is an important platform through which the school implements holistic education, including programs such as career planning education promoted by the Careers Guidance Committee, sex education and stress management workshops run by the Counseling Committee, and programs to raise students’ awareness towards civic duties and environmental preservation implemented by the Civic and Moral Education Committee. Moreover, a permanent element of “Whole Person Education” is “Global Perspectives”, in which, complementing the school’s main theme – “Seize the Opportunities, and shape Shape their Lives” – students may carry out various activities such as completing surveys or interflow tours and sharing their findings and experience with fellow students. 

Teachers in charge of designing lesson content will take into account the importance of the relevant message and the interest of the activity in order to raise students’ awareness of the relevant issue and leave an impression. One successful example is when the school invited a professional team to guide student discussion and thinking through drama and experience activities, to which students responded eagerly.

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