Life and Society


Social Studies / Life and Society aims to enable students to understand themselves, society and the world at large, maintain a healthy personal development and contribute to the well-being of the family, the local community, the nation and the world as confident, informed and responsible persons.

Course Content

Life and Society provides foundation knowledge, concepts and perspectives that aid students to achieve the learning targets not only in Liberal Studies, but also senior form Economics, Geography, Chinese History etc. This curriculum develops students’ understanding of themselves as individuals and as social beings, and gives them an opportunity to understand local, national and global economic activities.


Life and Society curriculum allows junior secondary students to enquire and construct up-to-date foundation knowledge in preparation for further studies and their future career. Through the process of enquiry students are encouraged to apply their knowledge, also to develop generic skills and learning skills, for instance: 

  1. Project-learning and presentation
  2. Self-regulated Learning (Pilot Scheme)
  3.  E-learning
  4.  Extensive Reading
  5.  Site Visits, interflow, experiential workshop
  6.  Social Science Society and organizing school activities  
  7.  Inter-school competition
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