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Solidarity always wins!

With the concerted effort of all English Faculty members, the formidable task of English learning in the eyes of our English student learners is becoming less and less threatening throughout the years. Our strong team composed of 13 English teachers of professionalism has a strong sense of completing the once impossible mission of guiding student learners of a diverse range of language proficiency and ability to learn the second language effectively. 

With sheer hard work and strong determination of English teachers, English learning at school is well-received by all students, especially those who were less motivated at first. The implementation of the LEAP language assessment system for catering for student diversity in second language learning is indispensable for assisting the student learners in acquiring the usage of English step by step. It echoes the evolution of the motto ‘Building Confidence and Success’ into ‘Achieving Confidence and Success’ with a sole aim of encouraging students to start to love the language and to learn it independently. During the whole process, students’ participation in a variety of English learning activities both in and out of the classroom context is highly valued and appreciated as well. With the adoption of “Growth Mindset’ theory, students will grasp the essentiality of English learning gradually under close supervision of English teachers. No matter how much hardship we endure, we definitely believe in the following well-known English saying that can be applied to English learning:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” 

With an accumulated endeavor in learning the language done individually, achieving confidence and success in language learning is as easy as ABC. 

We are also aware that we cannot "Build Rome just in one day". Instead, all students must persevere in learning the language to be proficient English learners at the end of the day. All English teachers always stand by every student learner to help them overcome any hurdles that may hinder their progress. 

We never walk alone! With the collaboration of all subjects, the realization of our vision of promoting English learning for enriching an English rich environment in an interdisciplinary approach comes closer and closer to all of our students! 

Cheer everybody up!

1. Junior forms

Nothing is more important than the consolidation of the junior learners' English foundation and basics of the language in terms of usage and grammar.  This is indeed the direction of our English education at junior level.  Moreover, it is always our belief that the enhancement of students' self-confidence comes naturally with abundant practice – a wide and authentic application of the acquired knowledge in everyday life.  On top of a variety of meaningful written and non-written language tasks done in the classroom and at home, fun-filled English learning activities are offered for students to participate during off-lesson hours as well as during the annual highlight – English Week.  These all blend with our motto of English learning at this level: To teach students to love English as a language for authentic communication!

2. Senior forms

Having built up a strong English foundation and boosted their confidence in using the language, senior students are expected to master the language at a more proficient level to satisfy the English language requirements set by external bodies for further studies and work. Students are particularly trained to pass the HKDSE with flying colours through constant examination drilling practice.

What is more, every strenuous effort has been made to cater for diversity in different classes at both junior and senior levels. In order to narrow the learning differences, our teachers employ every feasible way to help students of different levels of English proficiency.  With resources available, classes are divided into smaller classes, narrowing students' divergence and facilitating teaching.

The following HKDSE elective modules have been chosen based on students' orientation and needs:

²  Learning English through Short Stories

²  Learning English through Social Issues

²  Learning English through Workplace Communication

All in all, helping students learn the English language effectively and lively is always the fundamental task of the English Faculty. With the full support of all subjects to incorporate English in daily teaching, the vision of enabling the students to have a good command of English to face future challenges in studies and careers should be made much easier. The English Faculty will consistently uphold its principle of providing ample learning opportunities for the students to upgrade their English standards.

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